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The Grand Realm of VGF Empty The Grand Realm of VGF

Post by Mister Mushroom on Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:01 pm

After the conquests of King Trevor Corvette in the year 43 of the 3rd century, the Kingdoms of the continent are finally united into one. However peace slowly fades to hostility as the Ironites of the Land of Iron start assaulting the kingdoms from the south, and Ronald the Red's barbarian vikings from the north. Citizen's morale lowers as their king dies and the hand, Lord Maeldus II takes the throne, and the former master of spies, the one known as "Mage", takes rebellion. Will you loyally serve the King, or perhaps rebel, or fight your own battles?

When joining, please fill out the template here and wait for approval.

-Map coming soon!-

The Grand Realm of VGF Fs
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