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Forum Rules

Post by Mister Mushroom on Tue May 14, 2013 10:55 pm

The majority are only the necessary rules by the host. Please be respectful so this forum doesn't get deleted.


  • No sexual and/or pornographic content
  • Hateful or Abusive content
  • Defamatory content and/or affecting the integrity of a person
  • Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescriptions / drugs and any other illicit substance
  • Copyright infringement/hacking
  • Spam/Phishing/Malware sites
  • Credit Card fraud
  • No spoilers without the proper
    beforehand or spoilers tags in the topic title
  • Obey the mod. Do not argue with a moderator. Instead, message myself.
  • No flamewars (See below)
  • No spam (See below)
  • No excessive swearing

This forum defines flamewars as arguments. We also define an argument as an immature debate. Essentially, once a debate loses it's dignity that is entitled with it, it becomes against the rules. Insulting and using fallacy are two examples. (However using fallacy is fine if you truly did not believe it to be so)

This forum's definition of spam is something that does not contribute to a conversation or has no conversational value. Or repeatedly saying the same thing. (Several emotes in the same post, posting the same thing over-and-over. Accidental double/triple/etc posts don't count, so long as you point out that it was accidental)

More may-or-may-not be added in the future. All added rules are retroactive.

If there is an official megathread of a game or subject, DO NOT POST ANOTHER THREAD ABOUT IT. It will be counted as spam.

Below are guidelines. While we appreciate you following them, disobeying them will not get you banned.

-Use proper grammar
-Try to use as little emoticons as possible
-No image posts

Signatures can not be huge. You can use one image of around 450x150, or a few small images. No more. Text signatures should be no more than a few lines. You will not be banned for disobeying this rule, but your signature will be removed.
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